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Advanced® Model 20G High Throughput Multi-Sample Osmometer
Advanced® Model 20G High Throughput Multi-Sample Osmometer

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Advanced® Model 20G Osmometer High-Throughput Multi-Sample Osmometer
for Osmolality Measurement

The Advanced Instruments Osmometer, Model 20G is specifically designed to support scale-down, high-throughput, cell-culture process development. The 20G Osmometer is capable of measuring the osmolality of 96 samples in 35 minutes using freezing point depression (FPD) technology.

With culture media containing upwards of 100 compounds at varying concentrations, precisely measuring osmolality is more important than ever. Osmolality information is a key parameter due to its relationship between cells and media.

The ability to accurately monitor nutrient depletion and the build up of toxic waste products is key for identifying ideal conditions for cell growth. The 20G can process far more samples in far less time!

The system is ideal for:
- Suspension mammalian cell cultures
- Plant cell cultures
- Bacterial fermentation
- Areas where osmolality of media can be critical to success include:
- Clone screening
- Media development
- Process parameter optimization studies

The 20G Osmometer includes:
- 20 L Sample Size, Ideal for scale-down reactor vessels.
- Color, touch screen monitor provides instrument control, osmometer status, and test results as they occur.
- Clear plastic safety enclosure for visual monitoring, front access opening for sample loading, light-curtain protected access point with emergency stop for safety.
- Bar-Coded Sample Tube Rack, for positive sample identification.
- Sterile Packaging of Sample Tube Rack, will not contaminate the sterile area where cell culture reactors are sampled.
- High-Throughput Analytics, Far more samples in far less time!

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