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Advanced® Model 3250 Single-Sample Osmometer

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Advanced® Model 3250 Single-Sample Osmometer

Advanced 3250 Single-Sample Osmometer

Advanced Instruments Osmometer, Model 3250, for Osmolality Measurement

The premier research-oriented, single-sample freezing point osmometer designed for fast, accurate sample analysis and versatile operation.

The Advanced® Model 3250 is a single-sample osmometer designed to provide fast, accurate test results using a 200-250 µL sample. It combines proven freezing point technology with the versatility of advanced sample processing capabilities in an osmometer that is both simple to operate and easy to maintain. It is ideally suited for routine osmolality testing in the clinical laboratory, and also for research applications in pharmaceutical, academic, and industrial laboratory settings.

  1. Precision-controlled operating head automatically aligns sample probe in the freezing chamber

  2. Bar code scanner (optional) provides positive sample identification and minimizes transcription errors

  3. Ultra-precise thermistor sample probe accurately measures sample freezing point to ±0.001º C

  4. Instrument display provides multi-language operation, test results, user prompts, error messages, self-diagnostics, and the ability to analyze and collect data for reporting

  5. Thermoelectric cooling chamber provides rapid sample cooling capacity

  6. Automatic calibration simplifies system operation and ensures accurate results

  7. Push-button keypad and menu- driven operation promote easy system control and use

  8. Onboard printer allows for easy printout and archiving of test results

Osmometer Optimized for Research

The Model 3250 offers the widest measurement range of any osmometer. In addition, the system can be optimized to achieve superior test results for the broadest range of sample types and complex aqueous mixtures, making it an ideal tool for the research laboratory setting.

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