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Advanced® 2020-BIO Multi-Sample Osmometer
Advanced® 2020-BIO Multi-Sample Osmometer

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Advanced® Model 2020-BIO Automation Friendly Osmometer for Osmolality Measurement

The Advanced Instruments Model 2020-BIO multi-sample osmometer is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with laboratory automation and robotics-platform solutions. The 2020-BIO Micro-Osmometer determines the osmolality of solutions using freezing point depression (FPD).

The 2020-BIO incorporates:
- Automation friendly
- 20 µL sample size, ideal for applications where the sample quantity is limited
- 90-second test time
- Bidirectional data transfer and system control using the industry standard OPC protocol.
- Designed for automatic AND manual sample cup-loading requirements depending on the needs of the robotics platform
- Multiple sample consumable options- Sample tubes and cleaners in a 96-position rack (modified SBS format).
- Automatic calibration
- Flexible data-export options with internal printer and capability, and results storage and retrieval of 200 samples
- Flexibility to operate as a stand-alone osmometer
- Hot-Line® Technical Service available 24/7

- Cell Culture process development and optimization
- Biopharmaceutical manufacturing and process control
- Pharmaceutical research and drug development

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Method - Freezing Point Depression Osmometry
Osmometry measures the total molar concentration of dissolved solids in any solution. The freezing point of a solution is depressed in direct relation to the amount of solute in solution.

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