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Fluorophos® ALP Test System

Supplier: Advanced Instruments Type: FLM

Fluorophos® ALP Test System

Advanced Instruments Fluorophos® ALP Test System, for Determination of Pasteurization in Milk and Juice. Replaced with the model FLM300 
The Advanced Instruments Fluorophos ALP Test System employs a fluorometric assay for the measurement of Alkaline Phosphatase levels in milk, and other dairy products.
Alkaline Phosphatase, found naturally in raw milk, is destroyed at temperatures slightly above the temperatures necessary to destroy micro-organisms pathogenic to man. The Fluorophos ALP assay measures the ALP activity in dairy products, allowing users to monitor completeness of pasteurization and detect raw milk contamination.
Fastest test available: test results in just 3 minutes Greatest sensitivity: detects as little as 0.003% raw milk contamination
Highest specificity: eliminating false positives
Globally proven: approved by AOAC, ISO/IDF and IMS for confirming proper pasteurization
HACCP Ready: ideal for use with a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program
In May 2007, the European Union (EU) approved the fluorometric method (ISO11816-1:IDF 155-1) as the official reference method used for ALP testing. The EU now requires that any other method be validated against the fluorimetric method.
By tracking ALP results, users can determine when maintenance of pasteurization equipment is necessary, thereby improving the integrity of your processing system.
Sample size is 75 µL
3 minute test time
No stopping solution needed
On-board printer
Resolution of +/- 1 FLU (fluorescence unit)
Method: Fluorometric assay for the measurement of Alkaline Phosphatase levels

Uses and Applications: dairy products from cow, goat, sheep or other species

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