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The new OsmoPRO Osmometer from Advanced Instruments is a multi sample osmometer that incorporates over 60 years of applied technology experience in the field of freezing point osmometry.

The OsmoPRO® advantage. 

There is lot to get excited about with OsmoPRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer from Advanced Instruments. OsmoPRO brings osmometry to the next level by offering a perfect balance of analytical performance, ease of use, and walkaway operation. It is ideally suited for mid- to high-volume laboratories that prefer to automate osmolality batch testing while improving laboratory efficiency, throughput, and workflow. 


Easy to use With total touchscreen operation and an intuitive user interface, OsmoPRO provides world-class performance in a user-friendly package.

Fast, accurate results With a 90 second test time and a small 20 ?L sample volume, OsmoPRO provides rapid and precise test results using the industry-preferred freezing point depression method.

Improve efficiency and productivity When compared to manual sample instruments, OsmoPRO provides a 75% increase in productivity for laboratories processing more than 15 samples per day.

Versatile sample processing OsmoPRO is ideally suited to analyze complex aqueous mixtures including blood, serum, plasma, urine, culture media, drug formulations, and many other sample types.

Proven reliability OsmoPRO incorporates more than 60 years of applied technology and expertise in the field of freezing point osmometry. 

Flexibility in workflow.

The sample carousel can be removed to load your samples o ine, or samples can be loaded directly onto the carousel mounted to the system. OsmoPRO also provides open access sampling for any operator to login and run tests. The intuitive software control features adapt to the test work ow that best suits
your laboratory. 

Enhanced data management capabilities.

OsmoPRO provides your laboratory with many convenient data management features including:

  • Storage of up to 1000 test records in system memory

  • Integrated search functionality provides easy retrieval

    of test results

  • Ability to reprint or export selected test results in memory

  • Easy export of data to USB device or Laboratory Information System (LIS)

  • Calculate statistics (Mean, SD, CV) of selected test result Built-in quality control.

The OsmoPRO software provides a suite of QC features to ensure the integrity of your test results including:
    • Statistical monitoring of daily QC

    • Ability to set custom range limits for QC samples

    • Construct Levey-Jennings control charts

    • Ability to set system action limits for out of range QC results

    • Supervisor mode with password protection and system lockout features 

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