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A2O Advanced® Automated Osmometer
A2O Advanced® Automated Osmometer

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The new A2O Advanced® Automated Osmometer from Advanced Instruments is a fully automated, multi sample osmometer that incorporates over 50 years of applied technology experience in the field of freezing point osmometry.

The A2O combines a functional design, exceptional analytical performance, and an intuitive software control package that is both powerful and elegantly simple to operate. Every aspect of the A2O has been intelligently engineered to fully automate osmolality testing with ease and simplicity. It is ideally suited for today's busy laboratories, which are being asked to achieve more results faster- yet with fewer resources.

A2O System Features
- Touch-screen user interface: With a menu driven operating system, intuitive software control, and multi language capability, operating the A2O is simple.
- Direct sampling from the primary sample tube : Eliminates the need of the technician to do any liquid handling and pipetting, minimizes sampling errors and improves accuracy of test results
- Intelligent liquid handling technology: Featuring liquid level sensing, crash detection, self-cleaning pipette, and a simple fluid management system. These features provide flexible sample processing while minimizing sample carryover and cross-contamination.
- Automated multi sample capability: A 20 position primary sample tube carousel intelligently designed to accommodate the most common sample tubes sizes and low volume insert sample cups.
- Positive Sample Identification: An integrated bar code scanner with software control provides effective sample management and eliminates transcription errors. The onboard printer provides additional sample identification and results reporting benefits.
- STAT sample capability: When you need results fast without disrupting the current test sequence.
- Enhanced connectivity: Featuring bi-directional data communications, Windows® CE operating system, Ethernet, and multiple USB inputs, the A2O provides superior communication and connectivity capabilities
- Built in Quality Control: The powerful software package comes complete with full list of QC features including: A supervisor mode with password protection, ability to set control limits for patient samples, statistical monitoring and graphing of daily controls, built in linearity check, and a search function to easily retrieve historical test results

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